Beans on Toast

Wilson McGladdery | Format: MP3 Download

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Our first album is now available to download and features 10 of our original songs.


Wilson McGladdery | Format: MP3 Download


The Attention Seekers

Wilson McGladdery | Format: Paperback

Available on request by emailing

The first 100 short tales of the local vicar and Wilson McGladdery...

Being tasked with the promotion of ‘Wilson McGladdery’ with no budget whatsoever, Gaynor and Paul turned to the one thing that’s free, imagination!

Our two main players become landlord to their local vicar, who’s experiencing the worst midlife crisis since the real life tantrums of attention seeker, Paul McGladdery.

A series of unlikely coincidences result in random ‘A’ list celebrities befriending our cast, enhancing the absurd situations which are in no way based upon the real life experiences of society girl, Gaynor Wilson.

The Publicity Stunts

Wilson McGladdery | Format: Paperback

Available on request by emailing

Against appalling odds, our heroes Gaynor & Paul, AKA ‘Wilson McGladdery,’ produced 100 short stories, featuring their local vicar and several A list celebrities. The results were complied into the greatest toilet book EVER written, ‘The Attention Seekers’.

Undeterred by disappointing sales and threats of legal action under the Obscene Publications Act 1959, a sequel was mooted and several canny investors came forward to help.

After many hours work, this second collection of homespun, magical tales, of the same characters doing exactly the same things, only TEN times funnier, became ‘The Publicity Stunts!’
Quick! The bandwagon’s leaving......jump on!