Monday, 27 January 2020

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 88

Thursday night has become Gaynor’s dancing night. The local vicar’s first to notice the Gaynor shaped impression on the sofa. ‘Where’s thingy’ he says, ‘she’s always there!’ And he’s right! About this time, they’ll watch ‘Crossroads’ together and sing along with the theme music. Afterwards he’ll call her ‘Miss Diane’ and act like Benny, all coy and awkward like. He even bought a pigging woolly hat. On the same day, Paul notices the living room isn’t cluttered with empty beer bottles and the ash trays aren’t full. Though nothing fully registers until he meets with JK Rowling later in the Dog & Gun. She innocently asks, ‘How are Gaynor’s dancing classes doing?’ ‘Our Gaynor?’ he replies, ‘I don’t think she’s danced since the Membranes were accidentally booked to play the Women’s Institute Xmas Dinner’ he laughs. ‘She pogoed all night’ he smiles at the memory, ‘she was the only one mind.’ ‘Dancing??’ exclaims the vicar to Paul later, ‘has she told you?’ he asks. ‘No’ replies Paul, ‘she’s probably forgotten that’s all, remember when she.....’ ‘Nar’ says the vicar, quickly checking where his wristwatch would be, if he hadn’t sold it.