Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 87

Paul’s enjoyed having Skinner & T’witch around. Steve Skinner’s taught Paul the ‘F’ chord on the guitar, the one he couldn’t quite master previously. Now they’re busy planning a grand finale for their joint shows in Halifax and Stockport. Meanwhile, at the tarot reading for Pixie Lott, the show is underway and Madame Sandra’s skilfully convincing her client, her interpretation of these medieval playing cards is a plausible way of predicting the future. However, the girls almost leap from their skins when the small caravan becomes alive with ghostly voices and laments. The voices claim to come from the spirit world and solemnly call for Pixie to take back Ed Sheeran as her lover. The first spirit is closely followed by a competitor, who recommends that Pixie should have at least a one night stand with the local vicar, sharpish too, because he’s not getting any younger. It doesn’t take Gaynor long to establish Sheeran and the vicar are under the van, shouting through the rusted sections of its floor panel. With a cry of ‘Achtung!!! Below!!!’ she flushes the leaky chemical toilet, seemingly returning the voices to the spirit world, amid a volley of expletives and groans. ‘Madame Sandra!’ shouts the vicar covered in the contents of the chemical toilet, ‘what does my future hold?’ ‘A hot bath with a strong carbolic soap’ replies Sandra, holding her nose.