Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 84

During those first cold weeks of Autumn, Paul and JK Rowling become friends. They meet in the Dog & Gun regularly and chat about their love of books and music and there’s never enough time. Gaynor keeps a watchful eye out and if she’s not too drunk by the time Paul gets home to make her tea, she’ll scold him with warnings not to tell her too much! ‘If you’re not careful, Daniel bloody Radcliffe will be acting out your life story as an eleven year old wizard’ she cautions, lighting a Park Drive. The local vicar feels he’s missed his chance with Joanne. He initially thought he’d scored, she complimented the fragrance of his High Karate and seemed delighted with his story of mixing cocktails using leftover aftershaves. However, he thought she was too quick to decline his offer to mix up a Long Island Iced Tea using Paco Rabanne. She seemed keen to get away and speak to gatecrashers old Mrs Dixon the fishmonger and her on / off titbit, Jack the coal man. ‘’Paco’ only makes you cough a little,’ the vicar called after her reassuringly. Gaynor and Joanne have said little to each other since being thrown together again, perhaps they’re both keen to let the past lie in it’s dusty grave. However whenever’s Paul’s out of earshot, Gaynor will mimic him ‘Joanne said this, Joanne said that’ to Pixie Lott and roll her eyes.