Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 83

Ed Sheeran and his gangland associate LJ, are hanging out in the office at Ed’s tanning shop, ‘Tanfastic’. LJ says ‘Y’know Boss, I reckon there’s nobody like I can’t batter in the village innit,’ ‘Really?’ replies Sheeran putting down his paperback with interest, ‘What about Jack the coal man? He’s a psycho with a couple of ‘Don Revie’s’ inside him and he did batter us BOTH at Jet Wash Jim’s the other week,’ he recalls. ‘He DID have like help though innit’ replies LJ, ‘If it was one on one, I’d just get him like this’ he demonstrates his moves for Ed. ‘Interesting’ sniggers Ed, ‘what about Big Dave the Blacksmith? He soon pinned you down at church when you wanted to batter the big mouthed vicar.’ ‘Took me by surprise innit, both him and Terry the Hod Carrier are big blokes, but they’re outta shape like. I’d would like kill them both otherwise innit’ he karate chops the desk several times. ‘Ok then’ says Ed, ‘so you reckon you can batter Gaynor?’ ‘Innit’ replies LJ. ‘I’m sorry?’ questions Ed, ‘does ‘innit’ mean yes or no? I can call Gaynor now to see if she fancies a scrap?’ ‘Innit’ says LJ again, unable to make eye contact with Ed.