Monday, 15 July 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 80

Paul’s walking to the early shift at Kwik Save. As he passes Clive Superkings’ house, Clive calls him over with some exciting news. Later that day, Paul announces in the Dog & Gun, ‘Guess what? The Harry Potter author, JK Rowling’s only moving into the abandoned Georgian villa on OUR street!’ As the excitement dies down, Gaynor looking distinctly unimpressed mutters, ‘She owes me dearly, that girl.’ 'Who’s that dear?’ asks Paul. ‘Joanne bleedin’ Rowling!’ she replies, lighting a Park Drive and calling for hush. ‘It was the early ‘80’s’ she starts, poking the local vicar hard in the ribs to shut him up. Gaynor recalls how she met Joanne whilst working as a security guard at C & A, they’d shared a flat for a while. Outside work, Gaynor had her music and ballet classes and Joanne, her writing. ’Harry was one of my dancing teachers’ says Gaynor, ‘Joanne fancied the pants off him, but no matter how she tried to seduce him, he wasn’t interested in her.’ ‘Harry’s driving me potty’ the silly cow kept saying,’ laughs Gaynor, impersonating JK’s whinging voice. ‘So I said, there’s a name for the hero in your new book, ‘Harry Potty’. Gaynor then goes on for some time, suggesting that some of the storylines and plot twists, now immortalised in the Potter series, originated from her. ‘Even my bloody nickname at ballet class, ‘Bella La Strange!!!’ ended up in those bloody books!!’ ‘I never asked the cow for a penny,’ she slowly looks each of them in the eye, ‘even when the red tops came knocking, digging for dirt on her, I never said a pigging word.’ The vicar laughs, ‘Bella La Strange???’ Why have I never thought of that one? Anyway, have I told you about the time I met Charles Dickens on the way to Scarborough?’ ‘Who’s like Charles Dickens init?’ asks Pixie Lott.