Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 67

Paul’s walking back from town, he’s been with old Mrs Dixon the fishmonger for a quickie whilst Jack the coal man’s on his rounds. She likes him to keep his Kwik Save uniform on during the act, though she practically rips the sleeves off it every time. As he passes the Church, the Bishop collars him and talks of his grave concerns over the vicar throwing cash around and its questionable origins. Paul laughs it off, ‘Wherever the dosh is coming from, it’ll soon be spent,’ the Bishop nods wisely in agreement, ‘but those kids,’ Paul chuckles at a thought. ‘Just the other week, Gaynor and Pixie Lott were laughing about a cannabis farm in the Church!’ he encourages the Bishop to laugh at such a ridiculous thought. ‘I think it’s an idea for some play they’re writing’ he smiles fondly. ‘So you don’t think I’ve any reason to investigate any further? asks the Bishop. ‘What about this LJ character who’s living next door to you?’ ‘The lad from the tanning shop? I thought he had a liver compliant y’know’ which causes the Bishop to laugh ‘with the colour of him’ Paul sniggers. ‘Nar, cocky get, once Dale Winton gets a girlfriend, he’ll settle down.’ ‘Ok thanks’ says the Bishop in relief, ‘have you had an accident with a forklift’ he pulls at Paul’s ripped uniform. ‘T’was definitely caused on the job Bishop’ he shakes his hand and he’s away.