Friday, 24 May 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 77

That night, Gaynor and Paul escort old Mrs Dixon to the fish shop door, reminding her to think long and hard about selling her shops to Ed Sheeran. Later over a few beers and Park Drive, Gaynor laughs that Paul will end up buried in the foundations of ‘Ed Sheeran World’, if he doesn’t stop acting as old Mrs Dixon’s conscience. ‘Nar,’ says Paul, ‘Ed’s more devious than murderous’ he laughs, ‘I suspect I’ll be called away on urgent business or something like that,’ he opens another bottle of beer. Sure enough, early next morning, Paul takes a call from a record company, claiming to be based in the Outer Hebrides. They’re desperate to meet him before he signs elsewhere! Can he set off immediately so they can discuss his future. ‘Sure’ Paul smiles to himself, ‘I’m on the way.’ He puts down the receiver and turns on the kettle. Four hours later when Gaynor and Pixie Lott get up, coughing over their first cigarettes, Paul recounts the details of the call. ‘Shit!! Init, OMG!! Ed’s really like serious isn’t he???’ says Pixie. ‘Deadly’ replies Paul, ‘we’d better get to old Mrs Dixon’s sharpish.’ However, two hours later, when the girls are ready, the fish shop is closed and there’s no sign of life in the upstairs flat. Across the road, Sheeran leans out of the tanning shop, ‘Where’s old Mrs Dixon today?’ ‘We’d better get to Jack’s coal yard’ whispers Paul to the girls and waving at Ed.