Friday, 3 May 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 66

It’s midmorning and Gaynor’s asleep on the sofa. There’s several loud knocks on the front door, followed moments later by an impatient rap on the bay window. Gaynor reluctantly gets off the sofa and answers the door, where the Bishop is waiting. ‘Ah good! I wanted to speak with you’ says the Bishop, ‘are you alone?’ ‘Dunno?’ says Gaynor still drowsy, ‘think so’ she shuffles back to the sofa and picks up the Park Drive. ‘I’m concerned about the vicar’s involvement with Ed Sheeran and his gang’ says the Bishop, ‘do you know what he’s up to? The vicar has lots of cash, which is absurd for a raving dipsomaniac.’ ‘I think he won it on a scratch card’ suggests Gaynor, unable to make eye contact, reaching for the blue WKD bottle. ‘I see’ says the Bishop, writing in his notebook, ‘and what do you know about this character LJ, Sheeran’s sidekick?’ ‘Bleedin’ ‘Ell!’ laughs Gaynor, ‘this is like Columbo! LJ lives next door, he’s been lodging with Mrs Patel for a few months now.’ ‘What else do you know?’ probes the Bishop. ‘Eeerrr.....he manages Ed’s tanning shop in the high street, ‘Tanfastic.’ Apart from that he’s the usual wannabe, teenage, gangster dickhead’ she smiles. ‘I see’ concludes the Bishop closing his notebook, ‘is Paul at Kwik Save?’ ‘Dunno’ shrugs Gaynor.