Monday, 29 April 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 62

After a gig, Gaynor and Paul find a kebab shop, order two ‘chip kebabs’ (chips in pitta, with hot sauce and salad) and then, weather permitting, find a bench to watch the world pass by as the pubs empty out while they eat their supper. It’s always fun watching the parade of drunks pass by, Gaynor often joins in the singing and dancing up the high street and is frequently chatted up by gangs of lusty youths. Sometimes, if they notice Paul, they’ll ask, ‘is she with you mate?’ before declaring their amorous intentions to her. ‘Not at all’ Paul says and wishes them good luck. He knows there isn’t a chat up line Gaynor can’t handle and he thinks he must compile these episodes for his next best seller. Things only ever turn nasty, if someone tries to steal Gaynor’s chips, it’s awful to see a grown man cry because his fingers have been bent back the wrong way.