Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 61

Gaynor’s been ill all week, though it hasn’t stopped her from wolfing down the fish fingers and chips Paul made for lunch, or adjourning to her sun lounger in the afternoons to top up her tan. Paul’s concerned there maybe some other underlying issue, why she’s not going to school this week. He’s ruled out bullying, Gaynor’s been cock of the school for a number of years now; she even took on two of the sports teachers last year in a staff v pupils wrestling friendly and battered them both. Perhaps it’s the fear of entering the big wide world of employment later this year? She’s had several Saturday jobs, the joke shop which was really a front for the sale of ‘marital aids’ and Tesco’s, where her Park Drive accidentally set off the sprinklers in the warehouse and ruined 200 boxes of Pop Tarts. ‘Gaynor, is there anything troubling you that you’d like to share?’ asks Paul, thinking the direct approach is best. ‘Yes, you’re stood in my sun’ says Gaynor pointing at the large shadow Paul’s cast, ‘I’ve no fags’ she continues ‘and are you wearing that shirt for a wager? It’s hurting my pigging eyes.’ Paul retreats to the house, whatever it is that’s bothering her, it’s best she works it out on her own he thinks.