Monday, 7 January 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 59

Pixie Lott’s cribbed a lot from Gaynor over the last few months, not that Gaynor minds, she sees Pixie as her slightly younger sister these days. Pixie’s latest homage, is copying Gaynor’s smoking style and she’s practising with a Park Drive in the front room. Paul who’s spectating from the sofa says, ‘Thats not quite right Pixie, think more Clint Eastwood’s cigarillo. It needs to be wedged firmly in the side of the mouth, then you must squint at the horizon and look like you’ve lost a tenner, that’s Gaynor!’ The local vicar laughs at Pixie’s attempts at Gaynor’s mean girl look, ‘Pixie do you know who Clint Eastwood is?’ he enquires. ‘Course like’ replies Pixie, ‘he’s that fella in the Inspiral Carpets init, with the haircut and the keyboard like.’ The vicar laughs. ‘Lend me a fag darling and I’ll show you the perfect Gaynor smoking pose.’ ‘Yeh Yeh’ replies Pixie instinctively. ‘Now THAT brush off, was perfect Gaynor’ smiles Paul.