Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 57

It’s those seconds before teatime, when everyone’s sat around the table waiting for Paul to serve up the grub. ‘Everyone, what’s your favourite song? Let’s go round the table’ says Ed Sheeran, like an over zealous youth worker. ‘Gaynor, you go first?’ he suggests. Gaynor breaks off her conversation with Pixie Lott momentarily and says ‘’Remember you’re a Womble’’ with a deadpan delivery and then looks away to resume her chat. ‘Oh yes, the 1970’s TV show’ laughs Sheeran, ‘Vicar, what about you? ‘Yeah, the Wombles were massive’ smiles the local vicar, catching Gaynor’s eye, ‘so probably, ‘Wombling Free’ for me!’ Just the mention of the song causes Gaynor and the vicar to duet ‘Underground, overground, Wombling Free......’ Paul who’s known for his pitch perfect harmonies, jumps on the bridge ‘Uuuuuncle Bulgaria’, as he places rag pudding and chips in front of Gaynor. Pixie looks on bewildered, being far too young to remember the Wombles phenomenon. However, under the table, the ever savvy Sheeran emails his management, ‘contact Mike Batt, regarding possible collaboration.’