Wednesday, 2 January 2019

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 56

The local vicar paid dearly for this photograph. Only moments before it was taken, he’d ran up to Gaynor breathless, telling her he’d seen Terry the Hod Carrier coming one way and Big David the Blacksmith the other! Being keen to avoid both of ‘those lovesick pillocks’, Gaynor glanced over the bridge and saw only a modest drop to freedom! Whilst Paul did his best to talk her out of it, she told him to give her a leg up sharpish and was going through with the jump when the vicar weakly mumbled, ‘only joking’ with a pathetic smile. She must have chased him half a mile before she caught him, the heels slowing her down. When Paul passed them 20 minutes later or so, the vicar was tied to a park bench with tape from nearby roadworks, with one of his socks shoved in his mouth. Gaynor was menacingly circling him like a scene from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ muttering threats and gesticulating. Paul gave them both a wave and went home to put tea on.