Friday, 14 December 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 53

With 4 weeks of the school summer holiday already gone and the excitement of the World Cup and Wimbledon long forgotten, boredom has plumbed to such depths, that Gaynor and Pixie Lott have volunteered to help around the house. ‘There’s always the cellar to clean up’ says Paul smiling, ‘I get you both a couple of ciders, if you do a decent job’ he offers. ‘We’re on it’ declares Gaynor, pushing a reluctant Pixie towards the cellar door. However, Pixie soon discovers gold in the cellar, when she unearths a bundle of letters tied with a ribbon. ‘Who’s Elizabeth?’ she asks. ‘That’s Paul’s great auntie Betty.’ replies Gaynor, ‘this was her house, she left it to Paul in her will.’ The two girls sit down and read the correspondence dating back two generations, breathing life into a love story long forgotten by all. The writer of the letters was James Blackheart, a sea captain who fished the waters close to the village. In the letters, Blackheart tells of his courageous and romantic adventures on the high seas, each letter ending with an expression of his burning desire to return home and give his Elizabeth a good fettling. The tone of the last letter is different though, when Blackheart admits to Auntie Betty, his infidelity with a young woman who works at the fishmongers. ‘Old Mrs Dixon like!!’ gasps Pixie, referring to the saucy old mare who’s ran the fish shop forever. ‘It can’t be!!’ says Gaynor snorting with laughter at Pixie’s assumption. After quickly adding up the decades that have passed since the date of the letter, Gaynor concludes with astonishment, ‘She’s never that old!!’ though there’s uncertainty in her voice.