Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 48

The Bishop’s really looking forward to catching up on the golf course with his old university chum, Sir Charles Kay - Lied MP. So he’s pretty hacked off when he finds out his dopey secretary Miranda, has double booked him an appointment for a very high profile wedding interview on the same day. ‘Surely, a man in your position can delegate?’ roars Kay - Lied down the phone. 'Yes you’re right! I’ll see you there!’ exclaims the Bishop excitedly, after all, he’s senior management, why have a dog and bark yourself? However, after checking the various work rosters, his heart sinks upon realising only the local vicar is available to host the meeting for him. He attempts to rationalise the situation by asking himself these questions: 1.Can the vicar present a good impression of the Church, to encourage these young people to marry here and maybe become part of the congregation and bring their children in the future? 2.Can the vicar give this young couple the spiritual guidance they’ll need to lead a good Christian life? 'Hhhmmm’, he thinks for a moment, ‘There’s more chance of old Mrs Dixon the fishmonger keeping her knickers on, on a Friday night out!’