Friday, 23 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 45

The local vicar has a beautiful baritone voice. It’s a real shame he’ll only properly sing, when he’s very drunk and everyone else has gone to bed. It’s always the old tunes he sings, the ones he claims his maternal grandmother taught him, those haunting melodies that lament the hardship of lost love and those taken from the world too soon. Sometimes Paul will hum the melody in bed, until sleep takes him away. Other nights, Gaynor’ll shout down the stairwell, ‘Shut it dickhead!’ and chuck one of her DM’s against the living room door, bringing his performance to an abrupt end. Surprisingly when in Church, the vicar has no such vigour about him. He’s like any other member of the congregation, staring at his shoes, mumbling along to ‘Thine be the Glory’, envying the dead and bored shitless waiting for the service to end.