Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 40

The local vicar knows some great post - pub games, ‘This one’s ‘Three Little Words’’ he tells a pissed up, sniggering congregation of Pixie Lott, Gaynor and Ed Sheeran. ‘The object of the game is to be last man standing, by describing the person next to you with just three words, without deviation, repetition or hesitation’ he explains. The vicar to Gaynor: ‘Strong, unbridled....’ ‘UNKEMPT!!’ shouts Ed Sheeran interrupting the vicar, causing the table to explode with laughter. Gaynor to Ed: ‘Ginger, VIRGIN!!’ again howls of laughter from the others, ‘Gangsta!!!’, concludes Gaynor, with cries of ‘oooohhh get her!’ from the vicar. Ed to Pixie: ‘Beautiful, Ex, PLEASETAKEMEBACK’ is met with groans of ‘Fowl!’ and ‘Wanker!’ Pixie gestures to Gaynor and both girls push their chairs back and disappear, Gaynor clutching the beer and Pixie the Park Drive.