Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 39

Most people in the village think Gaynor is brash, loud and uncouth. On the whole they’re right, however, there are moments of redemption when her tough girl facade slips and the softer side of her nature appears. For instance, when the local vicar is facing the sack for his endless bad behaviour, it’s Gaynor who goes to see the Bishop and persuades him to give the vicar yet another chance. As part of the negotiations, Gaynor agrees to delete from her phone, the naked pictures of the Bishop (save for his mitre) at Paul’s strip poker party. She also agrees to stop following the Bishop and his snotty nosed wife down the high street, loudly singing the Laurel & Hardy theme music. The Bishop admits, ‘Bella is a little overweight, but to compare her to Oliver Hardy is grossly unfair.’ The Bishops final request for Gaynor to attend Church is met with ‘Pfff! An’ miss football practice!’