Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 35

Paul and old Mrs Dixon, the fishmonger, have been members of the amateur dramatics society for many years. Quite often they’re cast opposite each other in the leading roles. This year the production is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and once again they’re likely to take the leads. Gaynor who’s thumbing through the script, lying on the sofa with a half smoked Park Drive says to Paul, ‘Isn’t it stretching the imagination a little too much, that you two dinosaurs are playing teenager lovers?’ ‘I know’ smiles Paul, ‘but we’re all dinosaurs at am-dram, young people just aren’t interested.’ ‘I bet Pixie’ll do it’ suggests Gaynor, referring to leggy, jailbait, pop princess Pixie Lott, who also lodges with Paul. ‘She really wants to do some acting, so she can be on Eastenders’ continues Gaynor, opening a new bottle of cider. Only problem is, she won’t want YOU to be Romeo!’ ‘Fair comment’ says Paul, before the local vicar jumps in with ‘Me! Me!Me! I’ll do it!! Pixie and I have been a car crash waiting to happen ever since we first met!’ Gaynor looks on with pity, taking a long drag to finish her Park Drive, ‘There’s about as much chance of that happening, has me having a threesome with the Bishop and his wife.’ ‘As he asked you too?’ says Paul, causing the room to spin round and stare at him.