Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 33

Pixie Lott and her latest squeeze Xavier are inseparable. Paul’s pleased to see two young people so much in love, ‘amid concrete and clay and general decay, nature will still find a way’, he sings round the house, quoting the Bard. Gaynor however has her reservations and drags Pixie to one side for a good talking to. 'I bet he’s already borrowing money, isn’t he? Letting you pay for everything?’ Gaynor scowls, thinking of the scumbags she’s supported in the name of love. Pixie serenely smiles in return, ‘Nar init, neither of us have any money like.’ ‘Well’ Gaynor regroups with a large gulp of Creme de Menthe, ‘As he suggested seeing other people yet, or having a threesome? I’ve seen that randy mare, old Mrs Dixon, giving him the eye’. ‘Wot, the old girl at the fishmongers like??’ Pixie laughs, ‘Jesus wept Gaynor!!! You’re not telling me you and her have had, y’know, two’s on, like init?’ ‘Certainly not!!’growls Gaynor defensively, ‘I’m just saying, they can’t be trusted, they’ll stick it anywhere if you let them’ she laughs, lighting a Park Drive.