Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 29

Pixie Lott is dating farm boy Xavier, a labourer from the local dairy farm. He’s a lovely lad and Gaynor can see the attraction of his rough working mans hands and stained overalls. Both girls snigger as they hear Paul give an appreciative sigh at the thought of such a specimen. ‘Actually like’ says Pixie, ‘it’s his naivety init that’s sweet, he seems to know nothing about show business like, I don’t think he even knows I’m a singer init!’ ‘You’re not just a singer!!!!!’ exclaims the local vicar, who’s cribbing next weeks sermon from ‘Women’s Own’ ‘In my day Pixie Lott,’ he boldly declares, toasting her with the two litres of cider he’s been sharing with Gaynor, ‘a woman like you, would be a diva, a goddess, a chanteuse, a femme fatale, a sex kitten’ he dramatically takes a long swig of cider till Gaynor grabs back control of the bottle. Pixie looks confused, Gaynor translates, ‘for once he’s actually trying to be nice, though I appreciate still very creepy.’ ‘Yeh, init like’ Pixie stares at the ground, ‘but I’m going with Xavier now init’ she mutters and shuffles from the room, not breaking eye contact with the carpet.