Monday, 29 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 28

Paul is the designated driver for Wilson McGladdery. Gaynor has a full driving licence, but there have been road rage and sobriety issues in the past we’ll talk of elsewhere. One night, returning from a late gig, the blue lights go on behind them about a mile from home, so Paul immediately indicates and pulls over. Gaynor’s been asleep for the last hour, though she stirs and looks around in a ‘why have you stopped now FFS?’ sort of way. She always says that Paul turns into Forrest Gump when faced with authority figures and tonight is no exception. Straight away he’s babbling like a simpleton to the police officer on and on and on. After a moments composure, Gaynor leans across and smiling her best smile purrs, ‘Can I help you officer?’ Normally you’d expect that to be the end of the story and for our heroes to reach home five minutes later with Gaynor saying something like, ‘that’s the power of tits and teeth for you Paul.’ However in this case, WPC Blackman was not impressed and booked Paul for speeding (48 mph in a 30mph zone) and for having a faulty brake light.