Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 27

It’s Friday lunchtime and Gaynor and Paul are sharing a bag of cold chips leftover from last night. ‘Heard a rumour that Jack the coal man has dumped Old Mrs Dixon’ says Gaynor, through a mouthful of chips. ‘Oh aye’ says Paul reaching for the vinegar, ‘that’ll explain her recent charm offensive. She practically dragged me into the fishmongers on Tuesday.’ ‘Well’ says Gaynor, ‘he took her to Scarborough last weekend and proposed over a posh meal,’ she takes a large slurp of an Aldi lager. ‘Don’t tell me’ laughs Paul, ‘she said no!’ ‘Yeh course!’ smiles Gaynor, ‘Apparently, she told him she’s still too young to settle down again!!’ she starts to laugh, ‘I mean, c’mon, she must be pissing 80!!’ ‘I think she’s had a hard life’ says Paul in her defence, ‘you won’t remember her husband, will you?’ he shakes his head slowly to add gravity to his statement. ‘Piss me! Which one?’ quips Gaynor, making them both laugh out loud.