Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 26

The rain is welcomed by most in the village and the local vicar’s in the backyard, performing his own self choreographed rain dance in celebration. Occasionally, he’ll glance back to the kitchen door, to see if Gaynor’s still watching him. She’s not, she’s off chatting to roomie, Pixie Lott. Mrs Patel, next door and her new lodger, LJ (Ed Sheeran’s associate) are watching the vicar from their dining room window, they’re streaming his dance on Facebook Live, tagged ‘#dickhead.’ Back inside, Gaynor bemoans the lack of sun to Pixie and recalls how the summer of ‘76, seemed to go on forever and ever. Momentarily, Pixie looks confused, then after a second she smiles at Gaynor and says ‘Like there’s no way init, that you can remember 1976 like. That’s 42 years ago init. Did your mum tell you like?’ ‘Probably’ says Gaynor who has difficulty remembering whether she had KFC or Nando’s for tea.