Friday, 19 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 23

Given the continued heatwave, the local vicar’s decided to take his periodical wash in the old tin bath in the backyard. To spare the blushes of Gaynor and Pixie Lott, who haven’t left their sun loungers since late spring, the vicar has agreed to shield his modesty and keep his Speedo’s on. The girls however, burst out laughing when he strips off to reveal his tanned face and arms and the palest whitest body ever! Straight away the phone cameras are out and both girls upload photos to Instagram and Snapchat, bearing the legend ‘the perfect T- shirt tan?’ Soon some comments are pouring in, Mike@Dog&Gun says ‘never mind T shirt tan, that’s a proper gentleman of the road look lol.’ ‘Oh he means a tramps tan’ laughs Gaynor, ‘someone who never takes their clothes off.’ The girls continue to snap away at the vicar, now he’s covered in soap suds, enjoying the attention and voguing for the camera. Gaynor sees @theBishop has reposted one of her soapy vicar pictures on the Diocese Facebook page, with the comment, ‘Good to see our local vicar cleaning up his act at last!’ ‘Washing away his sins, the mucky pup!’ comments Pixie, whereas Gaynor boldly opts for ‘Free baptisms available! Hurry up before he soils the holy water!’