Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 21

Paul’s writing a FB advert for a WM gig. He’s written how WM are ‘so looking forward to performing again at the Dog & Gun’ and ‘what a belting night it’ll be.’ ‘You say that about every gig’ sneers Gaynor lighting a Park Drive off the gas stove, ‘don’t you think that formula’s a little overdone?’ ‘It’s the music I’m concentrating on’ smiles Paul, ‘nobody reads these adverts anyway.’ Gaynor rummages in the back of the larder, pleased as punch when she unearths a bottle of Gold Label left over from Xmas, ‘Barley wine for breakfast’ she mutters, ‘Don’t mind if I do.’ ‘Anyway Paul’ she reconnects, ‘if nobody reads them, why bother in the first place?’ Ed Sheeran walks passed the kitchen window towards the wheelie bin clutching a handful of Marvin Gaye albums. ‘Why don’t you ask Ed, about creative writing?’ suggests Gaynor, ‘he’s got 18 million followers on FB.’ ‘Hmmmm’ replies Paul thinking aloud, ‘I hope he remembers to put those album sleeves in the paper and cardboard bin’ watching Sheeran like a hawk. ‘Shame’ sighs Gaynor.