Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 19

Paul’s old band friend Julius, is in town for a few days and has threatened to visit to chat about auld lang syne. ‘Auld what???’ says Gaynor, opening a bottle Netto lager with her teeth. ‘Good times past’ explains Paul with a gleam in his eye. Gaynor decides to hang around, she’s seen some of Paul’s old band photographs and Julius was always the fit one. However, she’s disappointed when another ugly old man turns up and witters on about people she’s never met and nightclubs that closed before she was born. She notices, neither of them mention Angie, the beautiful girl Paul always talks about, who caused them to fall out and lose contact for far too many years. When there’s a break in the conversation, purely out of devilment Gaynor asks, ‘How’s Angie? You in touch at all?’ She adds an innocent smile and waits for a reaction. Julius looks apprehensively at Paul, before composing himself and giving Gaynor the smile she’s seen in Paul’s photographs. ‘Well’ he starts, pausing to collect a few memories of the long dead past. ‘It’s so long ago, you wouldn’t recognise the person I knew, a good few pounds heavier now and working a crappy part time job just to keep body and soul together.’ ‘Really??? Angie???’ exclaims Gaynor, genuinely astonished that the girl who bewitched them both and inspired some of Paul’s most beautiful songs,is leading such a shitty existence. ‘No that’s Paul, I’m talking about’ Julius laughs, ‘Angie dumped us both and married an American launderette millionaire, never to be seen again.’