Friday, 5 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 16

It’s one of those days when there’s the scent of the seaside in the air and a pale sunshine that could lift anyone’s spirits. Whilst Paul’s downstairs preparing lunch, the local vicar’s in the bath reaching the crescendo of ‘Looooovvvve, is a many splendid thing’, conducting an imaginary symphony orchestra through the peaks and troughs of this familiar melody. Outside Gaynor has her pallet knife and easel. She’s painting Pixie Lott in oils posing as Hamlet’s Ophelia, drowning in the stream. Gaynor paints in the style of Nancy Kominsky of ‘Painting with Nancy’ fame. She claims to have met Nancy back in the 70’s and studied as her pupil for a while, against the backdrop of the long hot English summer of 1976. One day she says she’ll write a book about it and Nancy’s violent mood swings. ‘Lunch is served’ shouts Paul, making the noise of a gong with his mouth.