Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 15

It’s Tuesday; In today’s post there’s an odd looking letter amongst the usual bills and flyers. The envelope is addressed to Paul and inside there’s a typed letter signed ‘a concerned friend.’ Paul quickly scans the contents, it tells him a few ‘home truths’ about ‘that Gaynor’ and there’s a couple of sharp comments made about his behaviour as well. ‘Oh my God,’ he thinks, ‘it’s a poison pen letter!!!!’ He’s not been this excited for a long time, it’s almost like being Dirty Den or Len Fairclough he thinks!! He shows the letter to Pixie Lott, who’s doing her maths homework, ‘I must get three of these a week’ she says, ‘jealous girlfriends usually. It’s always women who send them though, it’s very rarely men.’ ‘Hhmmmm, I see’ says Paul, crossing off several suspects from his list of possible offenders. When Gaynor arrives home, she slowly reads through the letter, her smile unwavering. ‘It was actual bodily harm, not grievous’ she mutters to herself and then raising her voice, ‘Bleeding hell! Even I’d forgot about that haha!’ Handing the letter back to Paul, she laughs, ‘Guilty as charged’ and adds ‘and whoever it is is right, get on a diet you salad dodging get!’