Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 13

It’s late, Gaynor and Pixie Lott are having a girly heart to heart about Pixie’s on off thing with Ed Sheeran. ‘I just don’t know what to do like’ says Pixie, ‘Ed’s, such a nice guy init, but he’s not like......’ ‘Bringing you to the boil? Taking you to the summit? Putting it in the back of the net?’ suggests Gaynor. She lights up a fresh Park Drive whilst Pixie solemnly nods in agreement. Gaynor reaches for her 1975 ‘Jackie’ annual, ‘I know, let’s do a quiz to help you decide.’ ’Question 1’ starts Gaynor, ‘your fella asks you on a hot date on the same night your best friend has back stage passes for David Cassidy. Do you ‘A’ - tell your fella you’re washing your hair and see gorgeous David instead: or ‘B’ - go out with your fella, he means the world to you.’ ‘Errr, is David Cassidy fit like....’ smiles Pixie at Gaynor. ‘Not anymore’ replies Gaynor, ‘however I’d choose ‘A’ as well’ she laughs. ‘Next question, ‘your fella asks if he can hold your hand in the cinema, do you ‘A’ - say you’re not that sort of girl and you’d rather wait until you’re married: or ‘B’ - say yes, he means the world to you and he won’t take advantage of you. ‘Errr..I’d wait till we’re married init’ answers Pixie, causing herself to snort snot everywhere, whilst laughing at the ridiculous suggestion of no premarital sex. ‘Judging from your answers so far’ says Gaynor, wiping Pixies snot off her frock whilst Pixie apologises profusely, ‘I think you’re not ready to settle down yet.’ ‘What about the rest of the quiz?’ says Pixie, ‘Won’t that help me make a decision?’ ‘Dunno’ says Gaynor, ‘I never get passed question 2.’