Monday, 1 October 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 12

It’s very early Thursday morning, Paul’s first up, making a cup of tea. As he gazes out of the kitchen window, he sees the local vicar asleep under the cherry tree in the garden. At some point in the night the last of the spring blossom has fallen coating the vicar and the ground around him. As the others appear from their slumbers, Ed Sheeran says ‘I’ll get my camera, what a beautiful picture that’ll make, better be quick before he wakes up.’ ‘He might be dead’ mutters Gaynor, ruining her new nails rummaging through the dimps looking for something worth smoking. ‘Oh he’s not dead’ says Paul, ‘he stood up and had a wee against the fence and lit a tab about 10 minutes ago.’ ‘He’s got fags!!’ exclaims Gaynor, leaping up and racing to the back door.