Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 9

Everyone’s enjoyed the latest season of BGT on the telly. In particular Amanda Holden’s revealing outfits had the local vicar’s eyes on stalks. ‘Just imagine if she turned up at the Con Club wearing that’ he mutters to no one with a big sloppy grin. ‘The key to winning is definitely having the best sob story’ says Ed Sheeran to the others. ‘In the first season, if you were in torment over your dead granny, that was your ticket to the finals.’ ‘Now Cowell needs more sob story than talent, to keep the public voting,’ ‘Surely it must be hard competing with Amanda Holden’s sob story? says Gaynor, taking a long drag on her Park Drive, ‘Wasn’t she married to Les Dennis?’