Monday, 17 September 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 4

It’s a sunny day and Paul’s nodding off in the deckchair in the yard. He starts to dream, it’s 1963 and he’s a bus mechanic. Together with his co - worker Cyril (who looks like Melvyn Hayes), they’ve renovated a double decker bus and plan to tour around Europe for two whole weeks! Once they cross the Channel, they meet Gaynor, who unbeknown to them is a famous singer. She’s fed up with stardom, so to escape from her current situation, she disguises herself as a young boy, calling herself Gazza and begs Paul to join the entourage. In the dream, Paul’s never been happier, the Routemaster breaks down regularly, but he’s a great mechanic so it’s easily fixed. Passers by go crazy when they see the bright red bus and Cyril, Gazza and Paul enjoy waving back to the kids who run along side them through the beautiful European landscape. One day they meet girl singers Pixie Lott and Old Mrs Dixon on their way to a gig. Their car is beyond repair, so they join the happy group, innocently singing, dancing and enjoying being overseas for the first time. Perhaps it’s towards the end of the dream that Paul notices Cyril has turned into the local vicar and he’s drinking heavily and pestering the girls as usual. When Gazza reveals herself as Gaynor, the vicar freaks out. He claims she only dressed up as a boy so she could see his widge in the bedroom they shared. In retaliation, Gaynor points out that the vicar hasn’t changed his underpants since Dover. The first drop of summer rain falls and wakes Paul. He stretches and goes back to finishing Gaynor’s ironing.