Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Publicity Stunts - Episode 2

Gaynor and Paul are at a service station returning from a gig, it’s been a long hot drive. As they wait in the queue to pay for fuel and the Park Drive and Monster Munch Gaynor wanted, Paul scans the magazine display, which is mostly Royal Wedding themed. ‘Did you like the dress?’ Paul enquires of Gaynor. ‘Hmmmm, I let her have it far too cheap’ replies Gaynor and then adds, ‘and she’s too fat for it.’ ‘I don’t think she’s wearing a second hand dress’ snorts Paul pompously. ‘ ‘Actually’ smiles Gaynor, ‘it’s third hand, I bought it from Princess Caroline of Norway for a song, though it took me ages to get the brown sauce stains out of it, that girl’s such a slob!’ ‘And how did you manage to sell a third hand dress to the lady who’s now the Duchess of Sussex? You’re barred from EBay!’ laughs Paul. ‘Met her down the bingo, one Wednesday night,’ says Gaynor deadpan, ‘got chatting, she invited me to the Hen, three bloody weeks in Benidorm!! No chance I told her!!’ Gaynor laughs. ‘Oh aye’ says Paul, ‘you were deported last time weren’t you?’ ‘Nooo..!! I was asked to leave’ she smiles wickedly at the memory.