Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 85 - our faves - buy the book

Gaynor’s found out that Paul and old Mrs Dixon at the fishmongers have been having it off ‘for years’. According to Julia, who has the fruit and veg shop next door, they’ve been at it like knives since 1066! Gaynor had called into Julia’s for the leftover lettuce leaves for her rabbits, when Julia mentioned with a wink, that Paul had paid a visit next door earlier on. Upon seeing Gaynor’s blank expression, Julia blurted out ‘Oh my God! I thought you knew! I thought everyone knew!’ Shit! Just wait until the local vicar hears about Paul’s granny fiddling, the old dog, he’ll never live this down. And respect to Old Mrs Dixon as well! All those times she’d complimented Paul in the fishmongers, whilst making Gaynor and everybody else think, she was extracting the Michael! Clever bitch! Aw, Gaynor doesn’t want to embarrass Paul, BUT she knows he’ll forgive her, eventually. After all this is gold!