Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 73 - our faves - buy the book

Some days Paul’ll end up at McDonalds. It’s never his choice, usually it’s Gaynor and Pixie Lott nagging him to take them out and if there’s a free lunch on offer, the local vicar tags along too. There’s only one problem with McDonalds; there’s NO VINEGAR for chips or ‘fries’, as they insist upon calling them. That’s a real problem for Paul, if somebody’s selling chips, why aren’t they providing the correct condiments to eat with them? He’s asked Mackie D’s politely, pointing out that salt and vinegar has been the preferred accompaniment for chips, since the spud first arrived here, courtesy of Wally Raleigh. Because the vicar’s usually half cut by lunchtime, he’ll fight Paul’s corner for him to impress the girls. Once he tried to lead a sit in with several students he met there at McDonalds, chanting together ‘what do we want, VI-NEG-AR!!! When do we want it...NOW!!!’ A 17 year old MacDonalds employee, dressed as Ronald MacDonald for a children’s party, attempted to restrain the vicar, resulting in a punch up between the two, egged on by Gaynor and several of the students. The police were called and the vicar was photographed by the Advertiser, fighting with Ronald MacDonald watched by a tearful congregation of five year old party goers. The front page headline ran ‘THE END OF CIVILISATION’ ‘Another gem for the Bishop’s scrap book’ thinks Paul dipping his chips in ketchup.