Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 53 - our faves - buy the book

Gaynor’s rummaging through one of her old suitcases and comes across her ballet shoes. Instantly she’s transported back to the cold autumn of 1981 and her audition for the Royal Tameside School of Ballet. Her potential as a ballerina had been spotted only months prior to this, whilst working as a dinner lady at the local secondary modern. Randolph, the old Russian school caretaker, who claimed to have danced with the Moscow State ballet, noticed her form and grace as she dished out chocolate pudding and mint custard at lunchtimes and encouraged her to audition. As Spring turned to Summer and she trained hard under Randolph’s tutorage, a wild and passionate love affair raged between them, despite Randolph being 40 years her senior. Tragedy stuck however, only days before the audition, when Randolph was found dead in Gaynor’s council flat. The cause of death was stated simply as ‘exhaustion’. Gaynor picked herself up and with a heavy heart, but with the spirit of Randolph to guide her, went to the audition...............but failed to gain entry. It subsequently transpired that Randolph wasn’t Russian and had never danced professionally. He was originally from Rotherham, real name Clive and had trained as an undertaker’s clerk. He was described by his sister at the funeral as a ‘wild fantasist’ who never settled in one place too long. Gaynor put away her ballet shoes and vowed to never speak of this time until now, when she was quoted as saying ‘Ya wha’ he’s bin on about?’