Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 38 - our faves - buy the book

Pete, the Kwik Save manager is desperate for good dependable staff. Apart from Paul the dullest geek in existence, the rest of his team are a right bunch of feckless, shiftless, wasters who work the system to their own advantage. Paul knows Gaynor is looking for work to tide her over until the royalties from the album sales arrive, so he puts her name forward. He describes her to Pete has free spirited, very enthusiastic and will certainly brighten the place up, hopefully in a good way! On her first training day, Gaynor decides the wearing of the Kwik Save uniform shouldn’t be compulsory, it interferes with her chi. Whilst Pete doesn’t really understand what she means, he can always make an excuse if Bryan the regional manager calls in. It’ll be fine! On the shop floor, Gaynor’s asked to shadow Paul, who’s been part of the furniture for many years. After an hour or so she realises just how dull life as a check out clerk can be, so off she goes to find Pete. After she’s offered to redesign Pete’s office and even reconfigure the whole store to make it more adventurous for the clientele and to align Pete's Feng Shui, they mutually agree that perhaps Gaynor isn’t cut out for a career in retailing at such a grass roots level. Pete pays her for the week and they shake hands, they’ll never believe him at the retailers convention he chuckles to himself.