Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 29 - our faves - buy the book

Some love is written across the stars, preordained and just waiting for the right moment to catch us unawares. That’s the type of love Ed Sheeran writes about in his songs and he hopes his oily and ginger charm will work on Gaynor tonight, when he takes her to Nando’s for dinner. ‘Gaynor, I’m in love with the shape of you’ slimes Ed as they walk towards the restaurant. ‘Aw Ed, that’s nice’ replies Gaynor pulling on her Park Drive, ‘but you might not be in love with the smell of me, when I’ve had ten pints and last nights Tandoori starts to filter through the old tail pipe eh? Haha.’ Back at the house, Paul’s Monopoly marathon is in full swing, Pixie Lott’s sat in for Gaynor and she’s shown a surprising entrepreneurial flair, with hotels on all the prime addresses, making her pretty unbeatable. The local vicar’s suffering the boredom of sobriety and like a child he resorted to cheating to avoid Pixie stealing the day. As a result, Paul’s been appointed banker to try and restore order. At Nando’s Ed’s ready to make his move on Gaynor with his killer line no girl can resist, ‘Gaynor, we found love right where we are’ ‘What in Nando’s????’ laughs Gaynor.