Monday, 5 March 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 6 - our faves - buy the book!

Paul’s lying in bed, it’s Sunday morning and he’s no desire to get up yet. At some point in the night, the local vicar has slipped into Paul’s room and he’s asleep in the armchair in the corner, covered with his woollen overcoat. Slowly the events of the previous evening start to reconvene in Paul’s mind; the visit from the Bishop; several bottles of Paul’s rhubarb wine; the game of strip poker and the blazing row when the Bishop refused to give up his Mitre to Gaynor’s Royal Flush. Paul thought it was harsh of Gaynor to throw the Bishop out onto the street with only his hat to shield his modesty, but rules are rules she said and if the Bishop wouldn’t play nice, then he can just bugger off without the clothes she’d won from him. The local vicar fearing for his job, tried to reason with Gaynor, but she locked the doors and stormed off to bed with the keys, the fags and the last of the home brew. Paul wearing only his plastic arm and a drunken smile, shrugged his shoulders and went to bed leaving the vicar apologising profusely and feeding the Bishop’s underpants through the letter box.