Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Attention Seekers - Episode 16 - our faves - buy the book.

Pixie Lott is Gaynor’s favourite singer. Her dream come true is to duet with Pixie on one of the lovely ballads Paul claims to have ‘written’ whilst browsing the classics. The local vicar who’s always keen to impress Gaynor, claims to be a good family friend of the Lotts and will arrange for Pixie to sing with Gaynor at the Wilson McGladdery album launch. Gaynor’s very excited and tells everyone who’ll listen. Most people are surprised to learn the vicar knows Pixie Lott.........and of course tickets for the album launch sell out like hot cakes! As the date of the concert approaches, the vicar drags Paul to one side, he won’t confess to his elaborate sham, but instead extends the farce by claiming Pixie has called him and apologised, she’s now abroad on the date of the concert, so can’t make it. The vicar doesn’t want to disappoint Gaynor, he knows there’s a strong possibility she’ll break his nose if Pixie doesn’t turn up! Instead he’s arranged a tribute act, ‘Pixie Loads!’. She’s not has tall as the real thing and she’s a good few pounds heavier, but she can do the do in the hot pants which is probably the only thing anyone will notice. Paul shrugs his shoulders, he agrees not to tell Gaynor (for now), but will have no part in the vicars scam. The night of the show soon comes round and the vicar does his best to ensure Gaynor has her usual pre gig gin & hooch fix and that tribute girl, Pixie Loads is kept carefully out of sight until the relevant moment. Less than two miles away, the real Pixie Lott is on her way to the gig. Her management have picked up on Gaynor’s recent tweets about the night and are intrigued to meet the girl and her vicar friend who are promoting a concert where she is apparently appearing.