Friday, 23 February 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 2

Gaynor & Paul are at the 24 hour garage with the local vicar, it’s Wednesday morning 3am. They’re buying pickled onion Monster Munch, orange Matchmakers, 5 (winning) scratch cards (please) and 40 Park Drive. Paul says ‘Gaynor did I tell you there’s a long association between the Clarence Hotel and the McGladdery kith and kin?’ G: ‘Yeh, I think you did Paul’ she says dismissively, her last words drawn out with a yawn and a stretch. P: ‘It’s a very interesting story...’ offers Paul. G: ‘Paul........can’t the McGladdery family claim a long association with all the pubs in the Saddleworth area?’ The Vicar bursts out laughing and takes Gaynor by the hand leaving Gladders alone with the cashier ‘Any fuel with that sir’.