Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Local Vicar Episode 1

Paul’s in B&Q, it’s Monday afternoon. He’s no intention of buying anything, but likes to visit DIY shops to appear more ‘manly.’ Occasionally, he’ll strike up a conversation with a tradesman whilst secretly admiring their rough hands and stained overalls. As he turns into the painting aisle, he clocks Gaynor and the local vicar, Gaynor’s absorbed in an heated debate with a young B & Q employee, regarding the lack of eggshell blue she needs to finish painting the Church vestry. The vicar who’s smoking a Park Drive he’s cadged from Gaynor, tells her “leave it Gus, we’ll go to B & M, they’ve got paint and I can pick up some wine for Communion as well.” As Gaynor takes off with the vicar, Gladders shouts after her “Don’t forget the Billy Goat gig..” she turns and smiles and then she’s gone.