Tuesday, 25 July 2017

War of the Roses 🌹..Part 2

We met at 9am, slightly hungover from the night before. We retired to a nearby bar called Java for breakfast, neither of us really knowing what to expect. We arrived at the Civic Hall both surprised by the large turn out to watch an event scheduled to start at 10am, Sunday morning. There was already lots of banter circulating between the teams, clearly everyone had been here before and we were the newbies. Our team consisted of Alan and Ann (team captains), the five male singers of the Wilson Family and us. To add to our dread, our two song topics were scheduled first and we were facing the amazing Stanley Accrington representing Lancashire. Our first song "the Yorkshire Terrier" seemed like a disaster, a combination of nerves and hangover took hold and it was far from our best performance. Thankfully, our second song "Nudist Camp" was on the money and we left the stage feeling we'd redeemed our team's position considerably.