Friday, 21 July 2017

War of the Roses 🌹..Part 1

We were privileged to be members of the Yorkshire team in the War of the Roses competition at this years Saddleworth Folk Weekend. It involved us performing any song or poem for each of the topics, "Ailments and Cures" (peculiar to Yorkshire) and "Holidays and Destinations" (again in Yorkshire). If you are a regular subscriber to this page, you'll know we write songs and our most recent composition "Nudist Camp" a tribute to the best holiday resort in Yorkshire, ticked "Holidays and Destinations" off the list nicely. "Ailments and Cures" however proved a little tougher, keen to avoid songs about industrial disease, we decided to tell the story of the Yorkshire Terrier and how it's pedigree has left it with a myriad of health issues, how jolly we hear you cry, but come on, this is FOLK MUSIC!!