Friday, 22 June 2018

The Locar Vicar - Episode 64

Paul’s been single for many years. Most of the villagers suspect he’s gay, but still in closet, after all he doesn’t chase the girls but he must have some sexual preference? When questioned about it, he smiles and describes himself as a confirmed, dull as ditch water batchelor, happy with his guitar and his friends. ‘Yeh’ said Gaynor, ‘never seen him with anyone’ she explains to Pippa in the crisps aisle at Hillards. She’s the local vicar’s ex-wife, you may recall she caught the vicar, the curate and the Church warden dancing in Church wearing nothing but animal masks. Now she back in the dating market. They agree that Gaynor’ll make a discreet enquiry on her behalf. That night it’s a full house at Paul’s, even Ed Sheeran’s staying for tea, he’s got his guitar tuning lesson with Paul tonight. Just as everyone’s about to tuck into liver and onions, the vicar clocks Gaynor’s wildly grinning face, ‘What’s up with you?’ he questions, ‘do you want to say Grace or something??’ Gaynor starts to laugh, she can’t contain herself anymore, ‘Paul’s got a girlfriend, Paul’s got a girlfriend’ she chimes.