Monday, 11 June 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 55

When Paul’s busy at one of his charity meetings, Gaynor’ll take over the kitchen duties and prepare the evening meal for the waifs and strays that hang around Paul’s house. Thankfully, she attended school on the day the home economics teacher covered ‘boiling the kettle’ so it’s naturally, Pot Noodles all round. Gaynor prefers the original flavours like ‘Chicken & Mushroom’, though she never uses the little sachet of soy sauce, ‘it’s minging’ she’ll say. Pixie Lott and Ed Sheeran are a little more adventurous and Ed always opts for the Bombay Bad Boy, to impress the ladies with his ability to eat hot exotic foods. Gaynor leaves the washing up to the others, ‘well, you shouldn’t have to cook and clean, should you?’ she’ll reason. Enviably the empty pots are left for Paul to collect and recycle. It wouldn’t be that bad if there wasn’t a healthy serving of dimps, sweet rappers and snotty hankies in each one.