Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 48

The toxic mixture of boredom and sobriety have finally driven the local vicar and Gaynor into doing some work and they’re holding a brain storming meeting at the kitchen table to think of novel ways of promoting Gus & Gladders. Gaynor has one of those little biros she’s liberated from Betfred and she’s writing on the back of a summons the vicar has received for unpaid Council Tax. She’s written numbers 1 to 10 on the presumption they’ll easily have that many ideas between them, though the pen is virtually empty and some of the numbers have scored through the paper and onto the table beneath. 20 minutes later there’s still nothing else on the paper and as soon as the vicar realises he’s last weeks collection money in his pocket, the meeting is adjourned and they’re off to Bargain Booze. Paul walks in and writes ‘Bleach’ and ‘Cat Litter’ on Gaynor’s list as an aide memoir for Aldi in the morning. Then he goes to bed.