Monday, 14 May 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 44

Ed Sheeran has a gig at the Church Hall, Sunday afternoon. After months of nagging the local vicar, he’s finally agreed to let Ed have the hall in return for him settling his bar tab at the Dog & Gun. Gaynor tries to warn Ed that the vicar’s been barred many times from the pub for not paying up, but Ed’s desperate, he’s not gigged since Glasto and there’s no offers on the table. He reckons that if he charges a couple of quid to get in and his Mum does a cheese and onion pie supper, included in the entrance fee, then he’ll make a tidy profit. He asks Pixie if she’d like to be the support act, but she’s busy filming for a new sponsorship deal she’s just landed with Toilet Duck. He’s already asked Gaynor to be the doorman, given her no nonsense reputation precedes her in the village, which leaves the ever available Paul. What’s the best way to couch that he’s a bit too decrepit and that stories he tells as part of his act?? Does anyone know what he’s on about??